Better marketing is the key to stronger businesses and communities.

Doniphan Proud business pages make digital marketing easy and effective.

Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been around for a generation, having a strong digital presence is vital to your success. But it’s not easy to do, and the Doniphan Proud team can help.
How it works

Your business gets visitors from the #1 site for Doniphan County.


Why is it the #1 site?

It’s the best place for all things Doniphan! You can find all the official county info, the community event calendar, and a listing of all businesses in the area.

Thousands of visitors

Your clients and customers.
New and potential residents.
Travelers and tourists.
Community leaders promoting growth in Doniphan County.
Thousands of people visit the Doniphan County website every month.

A presence on this website is like having a national billboard! Being found where it counts is what marketing is all about!

What you get

Your business page uses cutting edge native advertising and indirect marketing techniques to share your business information without feeling like an ad. It’s the best advertising option available in the area—the most affordable and you even get result reports!

Marketing Advantages
  • Views of your business in category listings
  • Direct views of your full business page
  • Featured ads throughout website
  • Inclusion in collaborative marketing campaigns on Facebook
  • Quarterly traffic reports for your business page
  • Traffic to your existing website or Facebook page

All Star example
All Star example


Every business pages offers the following features:

Profile & cover photo

Business location with map

Contact info with link to website

Business details and hours

Photo gallery & video

Social media links and live feed

Custom lead form

Event feed

Choose your plan
Both plans offer the SAME FEATURES! The only difference is whether you have professional management or manage the content yourself through the self management tool.

Fully Managed

With the fully managed option you have a professional marketing team at your disposal. No worries about keeping your page up-to-date or learning another system!

Option 1: Annual

$360 set up fee

Option 2: Monthly + set up

$360 set up fee

Option 3: 1 year plan*

$80/month for 12 months
then $50 a month

Option 4: 2 year plan*

$65/month for 24 months
then $50/month



You are able to keep your page up-to-date using the easy self-management tool. You can always contact the support team for any assistance  – phone, email, or even in person!

Option 1: Annual

$360 set up fee

Option 2: Monthly + set up

$360 set up fee

Option 3: 1 year plan*

$65/month for 12 months
then $35/month

Option 4: 2 year plan*

$50/month for 24 months
then $35/month

Chamber members receive a $10 discount on set up fees.

*Options 3&4 allow you to pay the $360 setup fee over a 1 or 2 year period. If you need to cancel before your period is over, any part remaining of the setup fee will need to be paid at time of cancellation

Sponsorship Options

Don’t need the marketing options, but still want to support the program?

Your support of the program helps other business in the Doniphan County community. You provide your content, and we will promote it on the website as a sponsor of the program. Sponsorship options

Meet the Team

The Doniphan Proud team includes members from Doniphan County and local digital marketing agency, Webcom Resources.

Director of Economic Development for Doniphan County
(785) 985-2235
Digital Marketing Strategist, Webcom Resources
(913) 370-7320
Jamie Collins
Digital Specialist, Webcom Resources

Don’t you want to improve the digital presence of your business and community?

If you’re ready to learn more about how Doniphan Proud is helping grow and strengthen Doniphan County, get in touch and find out how.

Call a team member:  913-370-7320